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When should I get one for my child?

  • Wobble Boards are on every child's wish list these days.  We recommend getting them one around their 2nd birthday but ideally you would get one as early as possible.

    Don't wait until their next birthday or Christmas. While it is a great gift it also helps children develop both physically and cognitively. 6 months is a long time in the life of a child so act now! 

What is the age range for children to use a wobble board?

  • A Wobble Board is perfect for any child 2 years of and up!

Where is the Wobble Board made?

  • Made in China. By our long term, trusted partners. We moved manufacturing to China 8 years ago as the price point to make them in the United States got to high but the quality was only marginally better. It was a tough decision but the quality standards are amongst the highest in the industry. Please see reviews on our product page. 

How long does shipping take?

  • 5 - 7 days (possibly 10 days to reach the West Coast). We ship with FEDEX Ground Service which offers express shipping across the United States. We currently do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or Canada. 

Where does the Wobble Board ship from?

  • We store, package and ship all Wobble Boards from our facility in Middletown, Pennsylvania. 

What is the Wobble Board made of?

  • Every Wobble Board is crafted with care to ensure top quality. They are made from premium beechwood and recycled plywood. This makes them incredibly sturdy yet light weight. All materials used in production are certified non-toxic and the boards are coated with a water based lacquer for a smooth finish. 

Can it be used outside?

  • Yes. It can be used outside however, try to keep it out of the rain or don't let it get wet as this could lead to damage in the long run. If it gets wet, dry it off with a towel as soon as possible. It should be kept indoors when not in use. 

Does it come with a felt base?

  • No. We do not include a felt base at this time. We have found it is best used on a soft surface or a carpet. Please do not allow children to play unsupervised. 

How much weight can it hold?

  • Each Wobble Board can hold up to 450 lbs at a time. So mom or dad are free to jump on and show them how it's done. Keep in mind that this is a toy for children to play with. So extended use at this weight could result in damage to the board. 

What size is the Wobble Board?

  • By industry standards this is considered a large wobble board. Perfect for children to grow into as they get older

    The dimensions are 33 in (L), by 12 in (W), by 8 in (H).

How do I return it?

  • We want to ensure returns are seamless. Please read our return policy. Link is at the bottom of the page. Email us: for questions. 

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