Fun Balance Games for Children

By Iain Graham Jan 26, 21

Fun Balance Games for Kids

Kids don’t always want to do the things that are good for them, but if you can make these healthy activities fun and challenging, they might just be eager to try! This is why balance games can be such great activities for kids – because they are healthy, educational, and entertaining!

The Importance of Balance for Children

Balance is an oft-overlooked aspect of physical health, but it is incredibly important for people of all ages. It is best to start young with balance games and activities because developing a strong sense of balance can be beneficial for years down the line.

Working on balance helps kids become more aware of their body and can teach them about coordination. This leads to better posture, stronger core muscles, and an enhanced ability to participate in sports and physical activities. It can also improve patience, concentration, and problem-solving skills as children work hard to find and hold proper positions to remain upright.  

Balance Games

A child might be confused if you simply tell him or her to work on their balance. However, if you provide them with the resources to play balance games, you might find that they have a new favorite activity!

Stone Stepping 

Set up a trail of stones (or bricks) in your background and teach your kid how to move from one to the next, maintaining balance one foot at a time. As your child becomes comfortable with the terrain start to move the stones further apart and add more difficult items such as small logs or rounder stones.


This age-old classic requires only a piece of sidewalk chalk, but it can work wonders for a child’s balance! Start with basic formations and explain how to hop through the pattern on one or both feet. As your kid improves, you can draw more elaborate patterns to keep up.

Tightrope Walking

We don’t recommend getting an actual tightrope, but you can introduce this activity by setting your garden hose up on the ground and encouraging your child to walk in a straight line. Once they have perfected this, you can add difficulty by using balance beams, parking blocks, or logs.

Freeze Tag

This fun game only requires friends! When someone is tagged, they must hold their position for a set amount of time (start with 5 or 10 seconds and try to work your way up to 30 seconds or even a full minute). Similar to yoga, this can help strengthen the core muscles required to hold certain positions.

Wobble Board

The Wobble Board is an all-in-one balance board and game center that can truly improve your child’s motor skills, balance, and problem-solving ability. In fact, balance boards are often used in Montessori and Waldorf schools to help children become stronger and more aware of their bodies. 

The wobble board can be used alone or with friends and acts as a game table or slide when children get tired of balancing. It is a fantastic product that is sure to bring hours of healthy, educational entertainment for your child!