The Top Ten Benefits of a Wobble Board for Children

By Susan Ryker Sep 20, 20

Parents around the world have found The Original Wobble Board to be a truly life changing toy for their children. Wobble Boards may seem simple yet they offers a wide range of benefits for kids outside of their primary use. In this article we will explore the top benefits of a wobble board for your child…

We recommend The Original Wobble Board for all children ages 3+

1) Learn Balance

Wobble boards improve balance. Due to the curved design, kids can rock back and forth on it. This helps them learn how the different parts of their bodies work together to keep them upright. Balance is essential to physical development. Kids who learn balance earlier in life tend to develop and grow more confident from a young age.

 2) Build Confidence

When kids use a wobble board at home they develop a high level of confidence in their body. They also develop confidence in their own creative thoughts. This creativity which is practiced at home, will translate into the real world where they will be confident playing with other children, exploring the world around them and becoming leaders amongst their peers.

3) Explore Creativity

A Wobble Board is a simple, curved wooden toy. This is intentional because it allows your child to explore their creativity. A Wobble board essentially becomes a blank canvas that allows your child to come up with unique, interesting ways to play with it. It can be a balance board but it can also be a slide, a bridge, a hide-out or a quiet reading bed. The only limitations are how far your child’s imagination goes…which is endless.

4) Develop Body Control

Every child needs to learn how to control their body. There are many ways to do this and we all had to go through it. A Wobble board is a great way to help your children develop during the most important developmental stage of their life. Our bodies are made of many parts that work together to help us get through our day. A wobble board gives your child an immediate advantage at an early age.

5) Minimalist Style

Minimalism is a great booster for creativity and imagination. A wobble board is specifically meant to be minimalist so that your child can project their thoughts and imagination onto it. A wobble board is pretty open-ended and research suggests that more basic toys are better for our children overall.

6) Environmentally Friendly

The wobble board is made out of wood and for every wobble board sold by The Wobble Board Company a tree is donated. Additionally the materials used to build the boards is certified sustainable materials that are ethically sourced. Many plastic toys are recyclable so they will one day end up in a landfill and continue to harm the environment. A Wobble Board can last for years, be passed down and will not harm the environment if it is ever thrown out.

7) Versatile Uses 

Wobble boards are one of the most versatile toys out there today. They offer a wide range of uses outside of their primary use.  Some kids like to rock back and forth. Others like to take a nap on it. There are endless ways to use it and have fun with it.  Sometime even parents jump on it.

8) They Last for Years

Not only is The Original Wobble Board a high quality item designed to last for years but it’s a toy that your child will never get tired of.  Regular, single serving, toys will eventually get boring, or something better and more fun will come along. We have found that will wobble board children become attached to them for years and they can be passed down or resold down the road.

9) Less Clutter, More Time

With regular toys kids tend to really clutter up their play areas. Having a ton of toys is impossible to keep clean and store efficiently. With a wobble board your play area will immediately be cleaner, you will spend less time cleaning up and have fewer headaches overall due to the reduced clutter.

10) Lessons that carry through life

Overall a Wobble board is an excellent toy for your child. The benefits and lessons learned by playing with a wobble board will be with your child throughout their life. It gives them a leg up. If you think about it, balance is extremely important in our daily lives. If your kids wants to be a ballerina or a hockey player when they grow up they need to develop balance skills early on in life. A Wobble board is one of the easiest ways to invest in your children’s future.

Thank you so much for reading and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have.

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