The Best Montessori Toys of Toddlers in 2021

By Iain Graham Apr 27, 21

Montessori education is becoming more and more popular with parents across the United States. This method of learning blends education with independent thought to help children learn on their own and explore the world around them. Montessori toys for toddlers are more popular than ever and there is a good reason why.

Given the need to spend more time at home these days, families are trying to find unique ways to educate their children while they also have fun. Montessori toys for toddlers keep them active, engaged and learning at the same time. Montessori education focuses on minimalist open ended play.



Here is a list of the best Montessori toys for toddlers. 


Pikler Triangle

pikler triangle montessori toys for toddlers the wobble board company


When children reach a certain age they start to climb nearly everything. This can be a parent’s worst nightmare as it could lead to children hurting themselves. A Pikler Triangle is a safer way to let kids climb and have fun without the risks of getting hurt. They should always be used with adult supervision.  This is a popular Montessori toy for toddlers because it helps boost confidence, strength and stability in a fun and safe way.




Wobble Board

Little Rocker Original wobble board montessori toys for toddlers the wobble board company 


Wobble Boards have become extremely popular with toddlers and parents alike in recent years. They follow a simple design, simply a curved piece of wood, and help children develop strength, balance and body control. What makes a wobble board a popular Montessori toy for toddlers is the fact that there are so many creative ways a child can play with it. It can turn into anything from a balance board to a slide, a bridge or a tunnel. The only limit when it comes the a wobble board is a child’s imagination.




Kids Indoor Teepee

 Indoor children's teepee montessori toys for toddlers the wobble board company


Not often listed with a majority of Montessori toys for toddlers but definitely something we thought should be included on this lest as it truly fits the bill. Children love to play pretend. It’s what makes being a child so beautiful. When children set up and play with a TeePee they enter a world of endless imagination that is fun for the whole family. There are numerous TeePees parents can choose from in the market today.




Wooden Bike

 montessori wooden bike for kids


Bicycling is an activity renowned around the world for being fun, active and healthy.  A wooden bike is the perfect way to help children learn how to balance and have fun at the same time. A wooden bike gives a child a sense of freedom which will put a big smile on their face. They can show off their creative side while developing their gross motor skills. It helps them to make a smooth transition to a regular bike when the time comes and also helps them get much needed exercise. You will immediately see their confidence increase as they use a Montessori style wooden bike.




Wooden Alphabet Board

 Montessori style wooden alphabet board for kids


Parents rejoice! There is no better way to help your children on their path to learning to read than an alphabet board. Children may not fully grasp the concept of the alphabet but they will familiarize themselves with the letters as they try and figure out where each one goes. This can help to improve the speed with which they learn how to read and ensure they do not fall behind in school ever.




Leaf Puzzle Game

Toddler montessori leaf puzzle game wood 

This is a similar concept to the alphabet game but switches it up a little. With the leaf puzzle game children learn to recognize patterns but also gain an awareness for nature. Not only do children gain an intricate awareness of nature but they also love to learn the names for each type of leaf and what tree it is from. It can help to improve vocabulary while learning all new words. Nothing better than seeing the bright smile of a child when they learn something new and the confidence that this can bring.




Multi Color Stacker Game

Multi color stacker montessori game 


The multi-color stacker game is one of the original Montessori inspired toys for children.  This game is really beneficial when it comes to children exploring their creative side. There are a number of unique ways children can find to stack the different arches. This game is designed to improve or boost imagination, coordination while developing and understanding for abstract concepts. It can also help improve hand eye coordination in youngsters.




Wooden Building Blocks

 Montessori style wooden building blocks for kids


Wooden building blocks could be one of the oldest children’s toys there are but certainly are a great Montessori toy for children. Each set comes with a number and variety of different blocks made from premium wood so it lasts for a long time. Children can really explore their imagination and creative side as they come up with unique structural designs with the blocks. A great way to introduce concepts such as math, sorting or shapes. There really is no limit to what a child can come up with when they play with building blocks.




There are an endless number of Montessori toys for toddlers and this list could go on and on. We simply wanted to share our absolute favourites with you here today. As our children learn and grow up they face more and more complex challenges. The idea with Montessori toys is to introduce concepts at an early age in a fun way that keeps them engaged as children tend to have shorter attention spans. As they learn and grow they will easily transition to more complex tasks whether it is reading, learning or playing sports. Montessori toys for toddlers are the best way to educate your child at home in 2021.


Thank you for reading.