The best indoor activities to get you through winter

By Susan Lamonte Jan 23, 21

Indoor Activities for Inclement Weather

With January in full swing, many regions of the world are covered in snow or experiencing chilling temperatures. Inclement weather can be a disappointment for children who love to play outside, but there are ways to counteract the wintertime blues.

If you are looking for some great indoor activities for your kids this winter, consider some of the options below.

 Build a Fort 

build a fort at home

Whether using pillows, blankets, chairs, or a combination of all three, forts can provide hours of fun for young children. They can also be educational, as they teach kids about spatial analysis and help them learn how to put things together. Once built, kids can spend the afternoon in the fort reading, coloring, and using their imaginations to bring new life to their creation!

Bake Cookies for the Family

Bake Cookies with the family

Every kid loves cookies and learning how to make them can be an entertaining family activity. Find different molds to make different shapes and objects, teaching your child the importance of measuring and paying attention to bake times along the way. After all the work is done, you’re left with delicious treats that everyone can enjoy!

Read a Book

Read a book this winter

Reading is an age-old hobby that is fun and educational for kids and adults alike. If you have younger children, set aside some time that you can read to them or help them learn to sound out words. Older children can get lost in a book for hours, and it is one of the best ways to spend a day indoors.

Play Hide and Seek

Play hide and seek indoors

Let your kids explore all the nooks and crannies of your home with a nice long game of hide and seek. Children love the thrill of rushing to find a hiding spot and trying to hold in their laughter as you try to find them under tables, behind curtains, or hiding in cabinets.

Dust Off the Old Board Game Collection

Video games get all the attention these days, but board games are a classic entertainment option for rainy or snowy days. Kids enjoy being able to hold real objects and playing games with the family, and there are many laughs to be had that just can’t be duplicated by a video game – even in virtual reality.

Get Creative with a  Wobble Board

Wobble board for kids

Inclement weather is no reason to skimp on exercise – something that children need plenty of – but it can be difficult to get your energy out inside without running into walls or knocking things over. Fortunately, the Wobble Board can provide plenty of physical activity without causing damage to the home.

The Wobble Board has a variety of fun uses and applications – one of the best being teaching your child how to balance. Kids can pretend to surf while they engage their muscles and mind to keep themselves standing. However, that isn’t the only reason to get a Wobble Board.

The Wobble Board can be easily transformed into a slide, table, or chair, providing your child with a wide range of uses that can be enjoyed for hours on end. If you want a simple but fantastic product for indoor use, get your kid a Wobble Board today!