Ten unique wooden toys for children

By Iain Graham Jan 19, 21

Wooden toys used to be the norm for children. But after years of new developments toys have completely changed. Many toys have become single serving. Meaning they are made for a purpose and cannot be used outside of that purpose. Wooden toys used to provide endless entertainment because children had to find different ways to play with them. Well wooden toys are making a comeback and we wanted to share a list of the top 10 unique wooden toys that children love.

Wobble Board

When it comes to wooden toys there are few as diverse and fun as a Wobble Board. A Wobble Board is a really simple item that does a lot. When children play with a Wobble Board they will be entertained for hours. They develop strength, balance and body control that is very important early in life. It allows them to be creative and use their imagination to find different ways to play. Check out more about the Wobble Board here: wobbleboardco.com

Pikler Triangle

When children hit a certain age they develop this desire to climb absolutely everything they can. The Pikler Triangle is the perfect solution to that. A Pikler Triangle should never be used by a child without adult supervision. It really helps provide a safe way for children to climb and slide down. It’s like a mini jungle gym right at home. There are a ton of options for purchasing a Pikler Triangle. We recommend popping over to Etsy to check them out!

Stacking Blocks

Wooden stacking blocks truly are a classic educational wooden toy that is very fun for kids. Not only does it provide hours of fun that can be done alone or with friends. This unique wooden toy helps to boost the creative side. As time goes on and kids continue to play with these stacking blocks they will start to build more complex structures. Perfect for kids ages 3 – 8 years old.

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Rainbow Stacking Toys

This toy really helps kids find out what their imagination is capable of. They can stack them or make different designs and patterns. Children are naturally curious and this wooden toy helps them to explore that in new and exciting ways. There are so many ways they can play with these blocks so mom and dad can just sit back and watch.

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Wooden bike

A wooden bike is another wooden toy that helps children develop physically. There are no pedals here. When kids are really young this is a great way to test out and discover their motor skills. It’s very safe to play with as long as they play with it on soft surfaces.

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Wooden balancing blocks

When it comes to wooden toys…wooden balancing blocks win top prize for looking the coolest. These have become incredibly popular with wooden toy enthusiasts lately. Each block is a different shape and color. It challenges children to see how high they can stack. It will help boost their problem solving skills and learn over time.

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Wooden Carrot Harvest Game

This is a fun little wooden toy for young children. Not only is it eye catching but it helps them learn about shapes and sizes. Each carrot is a different size and they try to match the right carrot with the hole.

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Hanging sensory toys

The perfect wooden toy for young babies. Little babies will be stimulated to interacting with this toy. The different wooden shapes are eye catching and babies will stare at them for hours on end. They will reach for them and try to play with them. Well made with soft edges to ensure great quality.

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Wooden pounding bench

This fun wooden toy is very entertaining for children. There are 8 little pegs that go down as a child “bashes” them and then pop back up. It comes with a little mallet. Just be careful that kids don’t bash each other with the mallet. Learn more at the link below. There are tons of reviews but shop around a little to compare options…

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Wooden Tool Bench

This fun wooden toy lets kids simulate real work. If dad has a work shop kids will be sure to want to copy him with their own. Regardless it really is a fun little work space for kids to pretend. It can be used in multiple ways and is popular with kids approaching and above 2 years old.

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