Montessori Activities for 2 Year Olds

By Iain Graham Mar 27, 21

More and more parents are learning about the wonderful benefits of Montessori activities for their children. Children at 2 years old really start to develop at a fast pace. They are able to walk, start to run and really explore the world around them. Montessori activities for 2 year olds can really help them gain a grasp of the world around them.

Learn how to climb with a Pikler Triangle

No matter what you do your 2 year old will eventually start to try and climb everything if they have an adventurous spirit. On the one hand its amazing to see your children grow but it can be nerve wracking at the same time.  A pikler triangle is a great way to help them learn and grow their climbing abilities in a safe environment.
Pikler triangle montessori activity for 2 year olds

Balance and Body control with a Wobble Board

As your 2 year old begins to learn more and more about how their body works they will explore the world around them more. To help boost that imaginative spirit you can try out a wobble board. A Wobble Board is essentially a wooden balance board for children 2 years old and up. It’s a great way to boost strength, balance and creativity while having fun. Parents are amazed by seeing how their children play with this amazing toy.
Wobble board for kids montessori activity for 2 year olds

Colour sorting

Colour sorting is a great Montessori activity for 2 year olds. Simply place out 3-4 different colour pieces of paper with toys of matching colour. Then let your child work it out. They will feel so happy when you encourage them and they manage to do it. This is a wonderful confidence boost and will push them to continue learning and developing.
color sorting montessori activity for 2 year olds

Create a nature tray

A Nature tray is a very fun activity for a 2 year old. Kids love interacting with nature and at 2 years old they may not fully appreciate the nature around them. To set up this activity simply collect some items from nature, pine cones, leaves, rocks etc.. and place them with other items. Encourage your children to select the items that are from nature and place them on the tray. This really is an excellent learning experience for a 2 year old.
nature tray montessori activity for 2 year olds

Sort Small to big

Help your 2 year old learn about sorting items by size. Place several similar items of various sizes on a small table or on the floor. Mix them up so they aren’t in order. Then let your 2 year old start sorting them out so they go from small to big or from big to small.
sort items big to small montessori activity for 2 year olds

Building Blocks

Building blocks are very fun for toddlers and 2 year olds are no exception. Simply lay out a set of building blocks and see what your 2 year old is able to come up with. They may build a masterpiece or a jumbled mess but it’s all for fun and helps them learn and improve.
building blocks montessori activity for 2 year olds
There are many Montessori activities for 2 year olds. These are simply some of our favourites that we have seen children enjoy at an early age. The age of 2 is a wonderful time for children and for parents to see their children grow. It’s the time when the really start to change and develop and a fast rate. While it is exciting you want to ensure you are helping your child develop and learn as much as possible.
Thank you for reading.