How could your child benefit from a Wobble Board?

By Susan Ryker Sep 15, 20

A Wobble Board is an incredible toy for a child. It offers such a unique blend of benefits that many parents don’t realize right off the bat. The primary benefit is very obvious. A Wobble Board helps your kid develop balancing skills and gain confidence in their body control. It really is that simple.  But the more your child plays with a wobble board the more creative they can get.

Wobble boards are ideal for children ages 3 and up. Children younger than 3 aren’t quite at the developmental stage to reap the full benefits of a wobble board but at the same time a lot of kids grow up a different rates so its definitely possible for a 2 year old to enjoy a wobble board.

A Wobble Board is extremely simple. It is designed to be. It is simply a curved piece of beech plywood that can hold up to 400 lbs. When kids play with a wobble board they start to develop confidence in their body control. This confidence carries with them as they continue to grow. Kids that develop confidence like this at an early age will be more confidence and curious as they grow older.

The hidden benefits of a wobble board for children is how it brings out their creative side. Kids have wild imaginations. Most toys that our children play with aren’t as versatile as a wobble board can be. Think of your kids favourite action figure. It really can’t be anything different than a action figure can it?

That’s the point of the Wobble Board. To let your child’s imagination run wild.  This will translate into the real world because they are developing these skills at home over time.

Here at The Wobble Board Company we specialize in producing the very best Wobble Boards for children. We have been direct suppliers to educational facilities for many years and recently made our wobble boards available directly to consumers.  Visit our Wobble Board page to see if it is the right fit for your child.