Little Rocker
Wobble Board

Its on every kids wishlist...

Find The Right Balance

The Perfect Balance Between Fun & Learning
Every board is crafted with care to ensure top quality. The Little Rocker Original Wobble Board provides hours of fun in many different ways. There is a reason why it is on every kids wish list in 2021.

Little Rocker Board
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The Little Rocker Board from Wobble Board Co. is unique and versatile.  Inspired & designed to suit montessori early childhood education helping children learn through play. 

This unique wooden balance board for toddlers is designed to promote better balance, strength & body control in children. The Little Rocker Wobble Board has become very popular with families across the United States.

The Wobble Board Company is a world class leader in design of high quality wobble boards for children ages 2 & up.  We are proud to be the leading online resource for this incredible & versatile children's toy!

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Little Rocker with Felt

Everyone Loves A Wobble Board

A Wobble Board can be anything a child can imagine. A child imagination is limitless and they can create almost anything from nothing.

In their eyes a Wobble Board can be a balance board, a bridge, a tunnel, a slide... the list goes on!

Provide your children with a blank canvas to explore. 

The Little Rocker Original Wobble Board is designed to help children LEARN THROUGH PLAY. They develop strength, balance & body control at an early age.

This helps children's physical development during the most important development stage of their lives.  Designed by early childhood montessori educators.